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A New Website For Hertfordshire Scouts!

24th March 2017


We’re really proud to share with you our latest project launch – a brand new website for Hertfordshire County Scouts! Built in WordPress and fully responsive, the new website is jam packed with information, features and functionality to power the County into the future online.

Back in November, we met the team from Hertfordshire County for the first time to discuss designing and developing a brand new website for them. 4 months later – and 100’s of hours of bespoke design, hand-coding, content filling and testing – we’re at launch day!

The new website was designed to give their 17,800 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Network members a place to visit for the latest information, news and events. It also attracts new members and volunteers, as well as providing 1000’s of their excellent volunteers with training resources and online course bookings.

The new responsive website is packed full of information as well as a training course and event booking system!

The website has been built from the ground up, and features some amazing functionality. We’ve showcased some of this below:

Upcoming Events

A place for members and volunteers to visit to find out what is coming up next! The County hold hundreds of events per year, with thousands of members and volunteers attending. The events system also has the option to show featured events, allowing certain ones to stand out, and they’re also categorised by section, allowing for them to be shown on sectional pages too – it’s as simple as writing [events section=beavers][/events] in the editor! Over the next few months there are also a few big events that feature a bespoke booking system, allowing members to sign-up and pay online.

A bespoke events feed with a filter for sections

Filterable Photo & Video Gallery

Fed straight from WordPress, this custom gallery of photos is filterable by event, section and when they were added. It features lazy-load techniques to ensure a fast page load speed, and only loads photos which are actually being viewed on screen. It’s really easy to upload new photos within WordPress, simply create an event and drag and drop them to upload.

Filter photos and videos by section, event or the latest ones that have been added

Adult Training Courses & Bookings

Being able to filter through adult training courses and see them on a calendar was a critical feature for the County. They hold training courses virtually every week at many different centres across Hertfordshire. Adult volunteers can view a course they’d like to attend, and book online using the bespoke adult training booking system we’ve built for them. There is even the option to take payment online for a few courses which require this!

You can find an adult training course via a calendar or via search

Find Your Nearest Group

Hertfordshire was not only the first Scout County in the UK, but is also one of the biggest. With over 175+ Scout Groups and ESUs, we were challenged with writing functionality that allowed non-members to find their nearest Group via geolocation quickly, before getting in touch. We’ve integrated with the Google Maps API to find the nearest Group to your location and show you details, both in a list and on a map!

Find your nearest Group easily, using your location and a Google Map!

Take a look at the new website here:

Are you interested in a new website for your County? We’d love to work with you! Take a look at some more information here, or get in touch by visiting our contact page, or give us a call on 0800 084 3079 or drop us an email at [email protected] to see how we can help you.