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Avon County chooses to work with Scout Websites.

Avon County Scouts is one of the largest Scout Counties in the UK, with a total membership of over 11,000+ and growing, and over 4,000 volunteers.

27th November 2023

Avon County are divided into nine Scouting Administrative Districts. The requirement for a new County website was needed as they have seen significant growth in the Scouting movement, with over 2000 Young People currently on the waiting list to join the County group.

Avon County’s main focus is encouraging Young People to “enjoy fun and adventure whilst developing the skills they need to succeed, now and in the future”.

By utilising our platform the County group can increase numbers even further by having joining forms easily accessible on the website for both Young People and of course volunteers to help with the rise in demand. This is a good way to keep on track and for time management of the volunteers.

They are also able to promote any upcoming events, as well as the range of Activity Centres which include both campsites and activities not only around the Avon area, but further afield in the Scouting group. Any interested parties just need to utilise the website, to be re-routed to their centre of interest.

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