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How a website will help your Scout or Girlguiding Group

A website is a massively useful tool when it comes to recruiting new members and improving your Group’s digital presence. We tell you how.

15th January 2019
With over 350 Scout Websites under our belt, we’re the industry leaders when it comes to developing a website for Scout Groups.

There are many reasons why having a website would be beneficial to your Scout Group:

Keep everything in one place

By putting user experience first, we’re aiming to make your life easier when it comes to keeping everything in one place.

You can keep all of your group information, uniform standards, events, news, photos and everything else online, making sure that everyone can easily access anything they need to.

Some of our integrations will run your website for you such as Online Scout Manager, Google Calendar and more.

With password protection for areas across your website, it’s also completely safe for sensitive information or exclusive to certain members of the Group.

Have more time for your Group

Instead of spending a lot of your spare time doing admin for your group, you can let your website do the work for you.

Is there an event coming up? The website can collect the information of everyone attending. Got some good news you’d like to share? Save paper and printing time and post a news story instead. Do your Scouts need to purchase something for an activity? Send them to your online eCommerce shop.

The possibilities are endless and you’ll have more time for your members!

Connect with the local community

Investing in your public profile is sure to enhance your chances of garnering interest and gaining potential new members, whilst improving communication with your existing members.

By putting your Group out there, more local people are bound to find out about the opportunities your Scout Group provides for young people and adults.

Turning up to a Group on a weeknight when the fun is in full swing can be a daunting prospect, but if they’re already familiar with you online, they’ll hopefully be more likely to want to visit and see for themselves.

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