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How to improve User Experience across your website

A positive User Experience across your Scouting or Guiding website is essential. Take a look at how you can improve UX for your website visitors.

01st January 2020
User experience is a massive factor when it comes to your website being successful – especially when your users are time-strapped leaders and parents. The last thing your users want is to have difficulty navigating and accessing resources and important information.

Our design and development teams have already created your websites with UX in mind from a creative and technical point of view, but there are a few easy ways which you can continue to do as you maintain and update your website.

Take a look at how you can improve the user experience of your website, instantly in just a few steps.

Use Call to Action buttons and other elements

Using Call to Action elements (CTAs) across your website can direct your users to what you most want them to see, or can minimise their confusion when using your website.

Although it may be positive when a user is looking through a number of pages to find what they’re looking for, it’s also more likely that they’re going to give up before they’ve found it. So help them out by pointing them in the right direction straight away, which in turn, keeps them on your website for longer.

We've added Call to Action buttons as a basic tool across all of our websites to get you started!

We’ve added Call to Action buttons as a basic tool across all of our websites to get you started. Ask us about other elements that we can include too!

Keep your website streamlined

Using CTAs does contribute to streamlining your website, but there are other ways to make your content more concise.

Keeping your text direct and to the point, using buttons to link to relevant pages and documents, and organising your menu and sub menus into relevant categories all helps with streamlining your website.

For more ideas on how to streamline your website, take a look at our blog here.

Connect your social media

Quite often in Scouting and Girlguiding, social media is a huge communication tool. You can use our specially designed buttons to direct your users to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages.

We can also integrate your Twitter feed directly into your website to keep your users updated with your latest posts.

Use Google Analytics

Less of improving your user’s experience and more for your own UX research benefits, connecting Google Analytics to your website can help massively.

We do this for you upon launch for most websites, as it’s extremely useful to find out which areas of your website are doing well, which pages lead to enquiries, and where users drop off your website, amongst other things. This will then help you to find out where to improve or continue doing well for your user’s experience.

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