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Island of Jersey choose Scout Websites

10th October 2017


We’re really pleased that following a consultation with our team, the Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands have chosen us to redesign their website.

Our team have welcomed on board Jersey, which have 8 Scout Groups across the Island. We’ll be designing and building a new website for them which will feature the latest information, news and events, and also allow for their adult volunteers to book training online. Alongside this, it’ll encompass:

  • An easy way to find your nearest Scout Group
  • Online Nights Away Notification submissions
  • A joining system
  • Password protected members area
  • Information on the Scout Centre
  • Photo and video gallery

The new WordPress website will go into design with our team next week.

We’re really pleased to be working with the Island, and can’t wait to launch the new website in the coming couple of months!