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Keeping in touch with parents, leaders and members easily

Scout Websites is proud to offer a new email system service which will help you keep it simple and easy! Read our advice to find out more!

01st January 2020
Keeping parents and other leaders in the loop and up to date is sometimes a tricky task for those involved in Scouting. Scout Websites is proud to offer a new email system service which will help you keep it simple and easy!

Let’s say you want to email your section’s parents with some upcoming event information, or email the District Executive about the next meeting. It can be time consuming to have to add a list of email addresses every time you want to send a particular email, and sometimes you may also need to remove some. This is more likely to make you forget someone important, meaning they’ll be out of the loop!

So we’ve simplified the whole process for you…

For just £9+VAT/month you’ll get to log in to our emailing system, designed specifically for Scouters and Girlguiding leaders.

You’ll have lists of people in here, so you can have one for each section, groups of leaders or your whole team. You’ll type out your email, select who it’s going to from the list, and press send. You can then see who’s opened it, who’s downloaded anything you sent them, who it bounced back from and much more!

There’s no contract either, so you can just try it for one month if you like, and you’ll get our help if you’re stuck!

Here are a few things that you can do when you sign up with us:

  • Create and edit formatted and on-brand emails easily
  • Allow multiple leaders to sign in and send emails across the Group/District/County/Region
  • Keep multiple lists of subscribers, and send to one or multiple lists at the same time
  • Allow people to subscribe to the lists from your website using a simple copy and paste form (we can help with this)
  • Analyse results through the editor, showing who hasn’t viewed your email and who you’ve got incorrect email addresses for
  • Send up to 2,500 emails per month free of charge (it’ll let you know before you go over this)
  • Help from our team whenever you need it free of charge
  • No contract – try it for just one month if you like
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