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Our Top Apps to Help Your Scout Group

With all of the recent technological advances, even Scouting is moving away from traditional methods to carry out activities and using tools like apps!

23rd January 2019
With all of the technological advances in recent years, even Scouting is moving away from traditional methods and tools and on to digital platforms to help run your group.

Take a look at our pick of innovative apps that could help you and your Scout Group be the best you can be, whether it be for your own personal use for planning or teaching or to recommend to your Scouts:


Ramblr is an app that allows you to tell stories by recording and tracking your outdoor activities such as hikes, walks, cycles, road trips and more without charging you or needing to use your data (except for downloading).

Ramblr allows you to add photos and descriptions to places along your route – which you can then share via social media or messaging services with your friends or Scout Group, it’s perfect for working towards your Activity Badges!

Available for iOS/Android.

First Aid by British Red Cross

First Aid is an essential part of working with children and others in general, not to mention, a key skill when it comes to being a Scout. Give yourself a First Aid refresher or encourage your group to practise in their spare time with this app.

The First Aid app by British Red Cross has everything you need if you find yourself in an emergency from video tutorials to step by step instructions on how to treat various complaints.

There is also a section for training and testing the knowledge you’ve learnt through the app and in person.

Available for iOS/Android/Windows.

Knots Art 3D

Knowing how to tie various knots is a key outdoor skill – sometimes survival even depends on it. So if now is the time to teach your Scouts or even top up your own knowledge, download Knots Art 3D on the App Store.

Knots Art 3D is a comprehensive guide with step by step images and videos to teach you hundreds of knot styles for every situation.

Available for iOS/Android/Amazon.

SoloLearn: Learn to Code

Ideal for those currently or who have enjoyed working towards their Digital Maker Staged Activity Badge, SoloLearn: Learn to Code is a great app for taking your skills to the next level and learning the key parts of coding.

The app is free unless you decide to upgrade to the PRO account, for more content and ad-free learning.

The app also allows you to download and print certificates to show that you have completed any of the courses.

Available on iOS/Android/Web.

Maps of our World

Struggling to get your Scouts to learn where the more obscure countries are on a map off by heart? Download Maps of our World that tests your geographical knowledge and teaches you stats about them at the same time.

The app itself is quite basic but good to improve your geography skills before a big quiz or country-themed event.

Available on iOS.

Campfire Songs

Not the prettiest but one of our favourites on the whole list – an app called Campfire Songs. Sure, you could make your own playlist on Spotify but sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration when you’re huddled around a campfire!

You can view the songs by title, type (inspirational, patriotic, silly songs etc), and by tune so there’s never a shortage of songs.

If you can’t find the one we’re talking about, there are various Campfire Songs apps on different stores, some are even Scout specific.

*We are not affiliated with any of the apps mentioned.