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The Scout Association are set to rebrand

16th March 2018


You may have heard that UK Scouting are reviewing the Scout brand with proposals going to The Scout Association’s Board later this month. If the proposals are approved, the changes will be launched as early as May 2018.

This coming May, it’s highly likely that we’ll be seeing a new brand for Scouting that falls in line with their strategy for 2018/19. Whilst the fundamentals of the scout brand won’t be changing (such as the coveted purple World Membership Badge) there are a number of elements that could be overhauled in line with the rebrand.

What could change?

Focusing around they key benefit of Scouting: Skills for life, the rebrand promises to overhaul the tone of voice to a more confident, active, inclusive, surprising and optimistic character. Visual elements such as the logo are also set to be updated with ‘something simpler, stronger and more contemporary that works just as well digitally as in print’ while retaining the heritage of the fleur de lis. Fun and adventure will remain part of the brand and are set to be showcased within a more vibrant colour palette which promises a more accessible and friendlier font than before.

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Why is it changing?

The rebrand aims to propel they key benefit of scouting forward, which is helping young people develop skills for life. After speaking to thousands of people regarding the scout brand, The Scout Association revealed that the now 17-year-old brand was found to represent ‘something from the 80’s’. When asked to describe what Scouts do and why, thousands of people outside the movement could not do so. The rebrand aims to modify these beliefs by portraying scouts in a more contemporary and relevant way. Tim Kidd, UK Chief Commissioner said:

“I firmly believe, and our testing supports this, that if we start to talk differently about ourselves and present ourselves in a more contemporary and relevant way, we can substantially increase the support for Scouting. Putting skills for life at the heart of what we do and say will make it easier to talk about Scouting and recruit new volunteers.”

Support for you

If the changes are approved, we’ll be sharing details of the support available to you over the course of the coming weeks. Our expert team of advisors will be on hand with advice and guidance to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible, and of course we’ll be releasing an all-new look for our projects!

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