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We launch a new Support Area for Scout Websites clients!

We’ve developed a support area designed to help with every issue; from FAQs to video tutorials, and a built-in support form if you need extra help.

15th October 2019
Behind the scenes, the Scout Websites creative and development teams have been working on a brand new support area for our existing clients, old and new.

The area is designed to assist Groups, Districts and Counties when they have an issue post-launch. The area which is still in the process of being built, already has some sections of content which can guide you now such as:

  • FAQs – If you have an issue with your website, it might come in the form of a question. Our Frequently Asked Questions area should be your first port of call, as if you’re wondering it, someone’s probably wondered it already!
  • Support Enquiry Form – If you have an issue which can’t be solved by using our FAQs, the upcoming video tutorials or useful downloads, then you can fill in the form with your issue.

The user will be able to tell us about their issue on the Support page and their enquiry will be added to a ticketing system. The ticketing system will then be organised in order of priority. Any urgent enquiries will be responded to within 2 working hours, and non-urgent enquiries within 1-2 working days.

Areas which are currently being developed but will soon be available to use include:

  • Useful Links and Documents – Documents such as the Guide to WordPress which all of our new clients receive will be available to download with useful information and instructions.
  • Video Tutorials – Our team have been working on creating video tutorials to go with the guide, for a more visual understanding and so you can follow along.

Keep an eye out for our new Support tools, but in the meantime, browse our FAQs and use the Support form if you have any issues.

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