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We now integrate your Join forms directly to OSM and OGM waiting lists

Our websites are designed with Scouts and Girlguiding in mind which is why we’ve integrated Join forms with OSM and OGM!

16th August 2019
Boosting recruitment of volunteers and members or improving communication are often the main issues that arise for local Groups. Enter: Online Scout Manager.

Online Scout Manager is used by thousands of Groups across the country to keep their members, leaders and volunteers up-to-date with events, programmes and other important things they need to remember.

Why should we integrate the Join form and waiting list?

Another hugely beneficial feature of OSM and OGM is the ability to store your waiting list online, which is accessible to all of your relevant volunteers and easily manageable. But often, this can mean spending ages inputting all of your prospective members’ details in manually.

This is where we come in. We’ve integrated our sites with OSM and OGM already, but now we’ve also made it possible for anyone who fills in your bespoke Join form to automatically be added to your waiting list.

Make things easier for your leaders and your potential new members by integrating your Join form to your OSM/OGM waiting list

How does it work?

Our expert development team have been working on connecting the Joining form to the online waiting list so that you can do less, and smooth out the process.

Whenever a user fills out the Joining enquiry form on your site, this will pull through the relevant information needed for the OSM or OGM waiting list. These details include; child name, child age, contact details, parent name and current living address.

These details will then populate the waiting list on your OSM or OGM Section dashboards. From there, you will be able to contact the next member on your waiting list when a space becomes available!

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