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We start working on Croydon District’s new website

We’re pleased to be able to start working with Croydon District on their brand new website in the Skills for Life branding.

25th September 2019
Croydon District recently enquired with us about getting a brand new website for their Scout District. Having worked with a number of Groups, Districts and Counties across London, we’re no strangers to the area, especially when it comes to Scouting.

From Lambeth, and Richmond upon Thames Districts to Greater London North Scouts and now Croydon District (amongst many more), we’ve certainly had an impact on the digital transformation across London-based Scouting. We’re really pleased to be able to start working with Croydon on their own website in the Skills for Life branding.

Croydon District’s website is currently being built by our specialist team, ready for any content they provide to be inserted straight away, minimising the turnover time.

Some of the features the District will be able to use across their website include:

  • Local Group finder
  • Galleries, events and news pages that are easy to use and update
  • Join and Contact forms already built into the website along with bespoke form creation
  • Adult training and online booking system
  • Site-wide search tool

We’re really looking forward to getting started on Croydon District’s content and upload. Watch this space!

Find out more about Scout District websites here