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Why teaching your young people road safety is essential

Do your bit this Road Safety Week 2019 by helping your Scouts learn about the dangers and solutions regarding road safety in their local area.

18th November 2019
This week is Road Safety Week 2019. From 18th-24th November, schools and communities up and down the country hope to raise awareness of road safety thanks to Brake, the road safety charity.

This year’s theme is “Step up for Safe Streets” which focuses on the ways in which people can “step up” using safe solutions that have been created to help us stay safe.

Here’s why teaching your young people about road safety is essential this winter, but also all year round:

Avoid preventable accidents

According to resources by Brake, road traffic injuries are the biggest killer of children and young people aged 5-29 worldwide.

Accidents could happen due to bad habits learnt from peers or family such as not using a pedestrian crossing or just a lack of education about the risks.

Activity idea: A great way to find out what has been put in place to prevent road accidents in your local area is to get your Group to think of things that make the area safer, such as crossings, traffic lights, road markings and where they’ve seen them. Get your members to design their own streets using solutions that would make it even safer.

Explaining road safety in a way that's appropriate for your various age groups, along with fun activities, can help them understand why being safe around road is important

Explaining road safety in a way that’s appropriate for your various age groups can help them understand why being safe around road is important

Inspire them to enjoy the outdoors

Road safety isn’t just about getting from A to B safely. It’s about having the independence and confidence on the roads to be able to get out and about and enjoy the outdoors.

Schools often teach primary school children about riding their bike safely, but some might still not feel confident enough and some might use their bikes to get to a weekly meeting.

Our environment is also part of being safe on the streets, so teach your young people about the quality of roads, from pollution to terrain, you can adapt your activities to fit your local area. Knowing about their surroundings might encourage nervous youngsters to be aware of what’s going on around them, and will hopefully inspire confident ones to make more conscious decisions when out and about.

Prepare them for independence

Older members such as Explorers or Young Leaders might be of an age where they’re starting to learn how to drive. Members of Scouts age might be walking home by themselves now, so it’s important that all age groups are aware of the challenges that being independent brings, especially on the roads.

Activity idea: Get your members to write their own pledges on what they’ll do to help contribute to safer streets, both on and off the roads. They can then share with the Group, make posters, or share them within the local community.

What will your Group be doing this Road Safety Week? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter!

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