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Why you need a new website this year

Start the new year on the right foot and ensure your Scout Group, District or County is on brand with the Skills for Life identity.

09th September 2019

If you’ve been putting off giving your Scout Group website a much-needed makeover, or even a new website at all, the beginning of the new year is a great time to start afresh.

Everyone always says “new year, new me” so why not include your Scout Group in this mantra and give it a facelift with a brand new, or upgraded website?

Improve communication and boost recruitment

No matter what, coming up with resolutions or goals during the new year is unavoidable. Everyone is always more motivated to get the new year off to a good start. This could mean that people are going to be committed to being more involved with the Scout Group. Or, you might have a whole host of new faces, members or volunteers!

With our seamless events integration amongst numerous new features and overall user experience, encourage members to visit your new site and get themselves organised.

You could even use your website to boost recruitment of not only young members, but also volunteers! Take a look at our recent blog on how to recruit new volunteers this year.

Give your users a taste of what’s to come throughout the rest of the year with our seamless events integration like 1st Westhill Scouts have done here!

Give your users a taste of what’s to come throughout the rest of the year with our seamless events integration like 1st Westhill Scouts have done here!

Be prepared

And for those who aren’t yet part of your Group, your new website will be more attractive to prospective members from the local community. They may be looking to join this year or even get their names down on the list ready for the next intake.

With an events page, uploaded manually or using our OSM events and programme integration, you can plan the year ahead and give your members a taste of what’s to come.

You can also upload digital versions of all your paperwork to make it easily accessible for your members. So turn over a new leaf this year and reduce your Group’s carbon footprint by reducing unnecessary printing.

Meet the new branding deadline

The Skills for Life branding which was released in May last year requires a deadline of May 2020 for all national and local branding to be changed. This is so the brand identity across the whole country is effective and consistent until 2023. Find out what the deadline means for you, here.

Ensure that your online identity is on-brand and inline with Skills for Life by updating your social media as well as your website. All of our Scout Group websites are designed in compliance with the new branding from logos, to fonts, and include all of the appropriate colours.

By updating your website this year, you can spend the rest of the year focusing on content and getting to know your new platform.

You can find out more from The Scouts about reviewing your Group, District or County branding here.

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