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Cheshire Scouts

Cheshire is one of the largest Scout Counties in the UK with a total membership of over 14,000 and growing. Take a look at how we help them.

Cheshire Scouts provide skills for life to over 14,000 young people aged between 6 and 25, and their website reflects their ethos of encouraging personal development through physical, intellectual, social and spiritual enhancement of their young people.

The team at Cheshire Scouts approached us before the rebrand to build a website that reflected their huge membership and potential for growth and development across the County. They then returned to us when the Skills for Life initiative was launched to become one of our first sites to adopt the new identity.

Cheshire Scouts is one of the largest Scout Counties in the UK

Cheshire Scouts is one of the largest Scout Counties in the UK

The new site continues to make the most of their existing functionality as well as introducing some new features to boost recruitment and help with communication.

What did Cheshire Scouts say about working with us?

We took into consideration feedback and problems Cheshire found they were experiencing and resolved these using our bespoke functionality. Some of these solutions include:

  • Allowing online bookings – An essential part of a large Scout County is to keep track of attendance for events and adult training events. Our online booking system allows the County to take bookings through their website and keep track of all attendees in one place.
  • Bespoke forms – Along with the use of contact and joining forms, our bespoke form creation allows Cheshire Scouts to take individual campsite enquiries through the county website.
  • Improved styling – Downloadable documents are more accessible and look better than ever with our new styling features including PDF download buttons, tables, accordions and more.
  • Local Group finder – To help prospective members or volunteers search for their nearest local group, we’ve created a tool that brings up any nearby Groups with just a quick postcode search.
  • Twitter feed integration – integrating Cheshire Scouts’ recent tweets allows their website users to see the latest updates as and when they’re posted even if they don’t use social media themselves, meaning members, leaders and parents are kept even more up-to-date than before.

Cheshire Scouts are constantly adding to and evolving their site, making use of any additional functionality we have to its full advantage.

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