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Girlguiding Durham North County

The first Girlguiding website to launch in the new and improved look and branding, Girlguiding Durham North County sets a stunning example.

One of our most exciting projects in a while, Girlguiding Durham North County has finally launched in our completely new design!

We say finally, because the process was detailed and thorough as we worked collaboratively with Lynne from Girlguiding Durham North. From initial ideas, to discussion with the development team and building said ideas into the website, Lynne was open to our recommendations as well as her suggesting things for us to improve on here.

This is all part of our brand new offering with our Kolodo Uniform team where we are offering to build bespoke and on-brand websites for Girlguiding Units, Districts, Divisions, Counties and Campsites.

The Girlguiding Durham North County website itself is completely on brand with the current Girlguiding Association guidelines with features that are sleek and sophisticated. The design as a whole reflects the County’s individual identity whilst being easy to use, and synonymous with the Girlguiding brand.

Take a look at Girlguiding Durham North’s website for some more Girlguiding inspiration!

Our varying levels of page visibility has allowed Girlguiding Durham North to adapt the website to fit their privacy requirements. Although much of the website is only accessible to their members once approved, some of the features used across the website include:

  • Events, news and photo galleries – Girlguiding Durham North is a huge Girlguiding County with lots going on – from trips to special events. Organising images, updates and upcoming events in a way that looks great but is also only accessible to their members is essential.
  • Individual members registration – To reinforce Girlguiding Durham North’s privacy and security, they opted for individual members’ login to be able to access the secure areas across the website using a unique identity and changeable password approved by members at Head Office.
  • Bespoke enquiry forms – In addition to our customisable Join and Contact forms, the County have taken advantage of our bespoke forms for their adult training event enquiries. This allows them to capture the required information, unique to the County.

Read more about Girlguiding Durham North’s new website here.

“From the moment I approached Scout Websites for a quote (very competitive), right up to our launch this week, I have experienced nothing but helpful friendly staff who have worked super hard to get the site functioning in a smooth and dynamic way - just the way I always hoped it would be.

They are very knowledgeable with great ideas for the site. They were patient with me even when I had daft questions and when I needed things changing. The team were also good at explaining things to me in a way I would understand, especially over technical matters.

I already had a good idea of what was hoped for and I had written extensive content. Scout Websites were, therefore, able to work swiftly to put this all together. They were in constant contact to ensure we both understood what was required and how they were able to deliver this for our County website.

I would most certainly recommend the company to any other Girlguiding area!”

Lynne Carr, Girlguiding Durham North County

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