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Hertfordshire County Scouts

Hertfordshire County Scouts returned to us for a whole new website in the Skills for Life branding when it was released. Read more about it below.

Consisting of 180 Groups, 18 District and 5 Scout Activity Centres, Hertfordshire County Scouts have worked with us on their digital presence for the past couple of years.

Based in the South-East of England and home to 17,800 members across the County, Hertfordshire covers a huge Scouting area. As the oldest Scout County in the world, Hertfordshire Scouts have always been ahead in their field. The County were one of the first to sign up to the rebrand when the Skills for Life initiative was launched mid-2018.

Take a look at Hertfordshire’s sophisticated Adult Training booking system here!

To keep up with their local members’ activities and achievements as well as keeping them up to date, Hertfordshire’s website is undoubtedly content heavy. This can make for a great website that’s informative and at it’s most useful.

Organisation is key when it comes to a large website like Hertfordshire Scouts. The sheer amount of content can often end up being difficult to navigate. However, Hertfordshire have taken advantage of our menus with categories, parent pages and subpages along with our dedicated news and events areas.

Some other features that Hertfordshire have used to their full potential include:

  • Online training bookings – Online training bookings allow for leaders and volunteers to book on to adult training events directly through the website. Doing so minimises the need for paper collection, cash payment and reduces the possibility of miscommunication across the County.
  • Local Group finder – With a huge 180 Groups across the County, using the built-in local Group finder feature allows potential new members and volunteers to find a Group that’s near to them and easily accessible.
  • News, events and galleries – All of the news, events and gallery areas on Hertfordshire, like all of our websites, are easily editable and maintainable. This means less volunteer time will be spent on editing the website, and more focusing on members!

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