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Richmond upon Thames District

This aesthetically-pleasing website with plenty of useful functionality contributes towards a major part of Richmond Scouts’ five year plan.

Richmond upon Thames Scout District is home to 2,100 young Scouting members and 600 adult volunteers.

The District, based in Greater London South West, has 25 Scout Groups with almost all having at least one Beavers Scout Colony, Cub Scout Pack and Scout Troop. Richmond Scouts, as they’re also known, is home to 11 Explorer Units, a local Scout Network and two Active Support Units. The Scout Groups vary from regular Scouting to specialist Groups such as an Air Scout Group and two Royal Navy recognised Sea Scout Groups.

The District recently embarked on a five year plan, from 2018 to 2023, to reflect the UK-wide five year plan created by The Scouts. Richmond Scouts approached us with a clear goal of launching a website that would display their wealth of activity, Groups and information for their District.

Richmond upon Thames Scout District is home to 2,100 young Scouting members and 600 adult volunteers.

Through launching an entirely new website in the Skills for Life branding, many other elements in their plan can now be implemented by using some of our functionality, such as:

  • Bookable adult training events – Improves leader training by keeping all of the training information in one place which is easily bookable for users. This also allows for online payments which automates the whole process.
  • News, events and gallery sections – Keeps members, parents and other leaders up-to-date with plenty of information that’s relevant, on brand and easily accessible.
  • Group Finder feature – Improve communication across the District and it’s local Groups by allowing members and prospective members to be directed to their local groups
  • Bespoke online forms – By using digital tools such as our bespoke forms, the District are able to provide improved support

Richmond’s plan was to transform their digital and online presence. They’ve done this by using elements such as news, events and other elements to make their website stand out.

Richmond upon Thames’ team worked collaboratively throughout the whole process. This means as many team members were involved as possible to get the site built and launched within a short time frame. The District also takes advantage of our post-launch support for anything they come across that they need assistance with, and we’re always happy to help.

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“Great team to deal with to get the job done at an affordable price. We had several objectives as a part of our new 5 year plan - and improving digital information was a key focus. Firstly to boost our presence in the community, facilitate new membership and new volunteer enquiries. And secondly to provide a forum for existing or new leaders to provide a one-stop shop for useful information such as training, permits and enhance Leadership Scout-to-Scout information such as sharing activities - rather than these ideas being lost in minutes of meetings. We had a good idea as to what we needed and Scout Websites were able to quickly turn these ideas into a developed website which was then easy to further develop locally.”

Richmond Scouts

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