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Improve engagement between parents, members and volunteers, enable simple recruitment to aid growth, and allow for online bookings.

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Take a read below on how we can help your County, Region or Area. We work closely with The Scout Association to ensure you're on-brand, and pricing is simple - we charge a one-off licence fee.
Founded in 2012 by volunteers, Scout Websites have created the most used online website platform for the Scouts, which is now used by over 50,000+.

Every County, Region or Area is different, with a different membership size, top-level team structure and problems that need solving. We’ve worked with the largest County in the UK, as well as the smallest Island in the world. Our on-brand frameworks allow us to create websites for every area of Scouting.

Our team can help your County, Region or Area by creating a website that is:

Scout Websites, now a team of 15, was founded by Josh Diamond, who holds both local and County-level roles.

  • On-brand – all of our work is checked by the associations.
  • Covered for both both GDPR and cyber-security compliance without any of your time. We also have hourly backups and a dedicated firewall solution with 100% connectivity guaranteed.
  • Engineered to improve communication, engagement and recruitment constantly, for members, leaders and parents.
  • Integrated fully with OSM, which automatically updates your website with the latest events and information, saving you time.
  • Enabled for easy and quick recruitment of new members and volunteers. We can easily add these into our bespoke waiting list system, organised by Unit or Group, or District, which is easy to manage and sends notifications and invitations. Alternatively, we can feed your waiting list into Online Scout Manager.
  • Available for events, activities and adult training to be published online, as well booked via a booking system which can facilitate payments if required. All module information is included.
  • Enabled for products and/or merchandise to be purchased online via an eCommerce shop, with stock control systems and dispatch management.
  • Simple for donations to be made easily via your website, facilitated by on-site Direct Debit and/or Card payments.
  • Ready to showcase and take bookings/payments for your buildings, vehicles or assets, ensuring you can gain revenue without the management that goes with it.
  • Available as a platform for your Districts and Units/Groups should they wish to use us too, meaning all information feeds easily between your website and theirs.

“We are absolutely delighted with the result and would not hesitate to recommend Scout Websites to anyone else looking to either have a web presence or refresh an older site. Feedback from our leaders is fantastic and we have seen an upturn in enquiries since launch from young people wishing to join!”

Surrey Scouts

What are the next steps?

We expect to turnaround your new website in around a month provided we’ve got the information we need from you. We will provide a quick and easy list of what we need right at the beginning. Our pricing is really simple – for Counties, Regions and Areas, we charge a one-off license fee, plus a monthly payment to keep everything online.

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We provide on-brand websites to over 50,000+ Scouts worldwide.

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