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Scout Event Websites

Provide a space for your Scouts to access all event information, boost engagement, manage event administration and improve attendee numbers with online bookings.

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Scout Websites was launched with the aim of solving everyday problems within Scouting. We do exactly that for over 50,000+ Scouts worldwide.

Not only do we cover Groups, District, Counties and Activity Centres, we also build websites to cater for all of your Scouting events, whether it’s a one-off gathering or a recurring event in your Scouts calendar.

Some of the events we build websites for include: Gangshows, Jamborees, Day and Night Hikes and Camps (Winter Camps, County Camps, District Camps, International Camps).

We can help you with your event website by:

Our Managing Director is also a Director for Cheshire Hike, so we understand the challenges and scale of your event.

  • Ensure you’re on-brand – our work is checked by the associations before launch. We can help with a bespoke event brand too if needed!
  • Cover both GDPR and cyber-security compliance, with hourly backups and a dedicated firewall solution with 100% connectivity guaranteed.
  • Give you a website presence which will improve communication, engagement and recruitment constantly for your event, as well as for attendees, parents, leaders and staff.
  • Allow for bookings to be taken online via a booking system which can facilitate payments if required.
  • Allow for merchandise to be purchased online via an eCommerce shop, with stock control systems and dispatch management.

The addition of our event management system can take your information-basedd website to the next level by solving problems such as managing tickets and attendees online, keeping track of all merchandise purchases, accepting online payments, and much more.

We recently launched a brand new website for the annual Cheshire Hike event. Take a look.

What are the next steps?

We expect to turnaround your new website in just a few weeks once we’ve got the information we need from you. You can get an instant one-off license fee below to get approval from your team.

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We provide on-brand websites to over 50,000+ Scouts worldwide.

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