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Google My Business for Scout Groups just £49

Make sure your Scout Group keeps existing members engaged & continues to drive new recruits and volunteers online by setting up your very own Google My Business Page for just £49.

We are the UK’s leading provider of websites for Scouts Groups in the UK. Scout Group websites have never been more relied upon during the current Covid-19 epidemic as it allows groups to maintain engagement with current members & continue their recruitment drive for new members and volunteers.

Unfortunately, it is proving difficult for any Scout Groups who don’t already have their own website to take advantage of this option during the unprecedented times we are currently living in.

That’s why Scout Websites has introduced a new service which will allow you to have an online presence with your Scouts Group for just £49.

We will require barely any input from leaders, so you don’t need to worry about being technically savvy. Our team will take care of everything and get you set up with a listing which will help ensure that you can continue to engage existing members and recruit new ones.

What is a Google My Business Page?

A Google My Business page is a platform which has been made available by Google for any groups, businesses or organisations to ensure that they are visible on their search engine results pages.

Once these listings have been correctly set up with the right information and have been verified by Google as being authentic, the Scouts Group behind the listing will see their Google My Business Page displayed prominently to anyone who conducts a search for their group name. This will be the first thing which is visible at the top of the search results on Mobile devices and visible in the top right hand side of the page for desktop users.

Through your listing, you can post updates for members and allow individuals to contact your group online. You can also display your phone number prominently for the benefit of anyone who would prefer to call you.

All of this will be absolutely essential during the current Covid-19 epidemic, making it far easier for you to remain engaged with existing members and continue your recruitment drive for new members and volunteers.

What does this include?

  • We will populate your Google My Business listing with all the right information which is required;
  • We will optimise your Google My Business listing to ensure that you are as visible as possible online
  • If you have an existing website, we will link your Google My Business page up to this to help drive potential new members & volunteers to your website
  • We will optimise any imagery that you approve for usage on the listing

What do we need from you?

This is a brand new service we are introducing in response to the current Coronavirus epidemic and is designed to create an affordable option for any Scout Groups who may be struggling financially to set up their own website during these unprecedented times.

We can offer this service for just £49, which will ensure that you have your own channel through which to engage existing members and attract new ones during the Covid-19 epidemic.

There is also an enhanced Google My Business set up service available for those who already have their own website. For just £99, we will not only set you up with your own optimised Google My Business page but also sync this up with your own website. This will offer much enhanced visibility for your Scout Group and your website via Organic Search.

All we will need you to do is provide us with the basic information that we need in order for the listing to be populated and for you to provide us with the verification code once it arrives in the post or over the phone.

Getting started

Just fill in the form below, and a member of our team will be in touch to get you set up with your own listing.

Want to speak to a member of our team? Just call 0800 084 3079, or email our Managing Director, Josh, who is also a volunteer for Cheshire Scouts on

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Fill in the form below to get your very own optimised Google My Business Page for your Scout Group for just £49.

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