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One-Page Websites for Scout Groups for just £49

Ensure you keep members and volunteers engaged, and you’re able to register interest for new members, during the Coronavirus crisis.

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Scout Websites are the leading provider of websites for The Scouts in the UK. During the Coronavirus crisis, we’ve developed an additional offering to allow Scout Groups to gain a website at a fraction of the cost, ensuring you can keep your members engaged and recruit new members and volunteers.

On the evening of 29th April 2020, The Scout Association spoke about the current situation, and stated that is causing huge financial pressure on the organisation. With face-to-face Scouting unlikely to restart until at least September 2020, this would leave The Scout Association with a lot less reserves than they normally operate with. If we restart any later, it’ll leave them with almost nothing.

The main concern for The Scouts is membership numbers dramatically decreasing, and not having the membership we need to deliver Skills for Life to young people following Coronavirus. We’ve therefore created an offering allowing Scout Groups to get a website set up, with almost no input from leaders, that allow them to have an online presence professionally designed, that is on-brand, for just £49.

What does this include?

  • A one-page website, as per the example below.
  • A domain name, hosting and security certificate, set up by professionals.
  • Ensuring you’re on-brand – we work closely with The Scout Association.
  • We cover both GDPR and cyber-security compliance, with hourly backups and a dedicated firewall solution with 100% connectivity guaranteed.
  • You can recruit new members and volunteers easily via the online form which emails you with details.

What do we need?

The cost for the website set-up is one-off, and just £49. We’ll buy a domain name for you, or use one you’ve already got, and arrange everything from DNS to hosting for you. The on-going cost is just £4.99/month. To get it set up, all we need is a paragraph about your Scout Group, and a few pictures if you have them. If not, we’ll use pictures that HQ have given us, don’t worry.

Getting started

Just fill in the form below, and a member of our team will be in touch to get it set up for you!

Get started now

Fill in the form below to get one of our one-page websites for your Scout Group for just £49. £4.99 on-going fee to cover support, hosting and your domain name. No minimum contract length.

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