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4 indoor activities to get your Scouts involved in

With staying at home the new normal, many Scout Groups have taken to hosting virtual meetings. Take a look at at-home activities you can suggest each week.

25th March 2020
With staying at home the new normal for at least a few weeks, it’s important to get creative with ways to keep ourselves entertained. Although the novelty of staying at home 24/7 hasn’t yet worn off for some, it’s essential for our wellbeing to maintain some form of routine and regularity.

Many Scout Groups across the country have continued to hold their Scout meetings online. Virtual meetings are a great way to keep your members and leaders engaged with Scouting and in contact with each other.

Take a look at some ideas for indoor activities to keep outdoor exposure to a minimum but still have fun!

Keep a visual journal

For some youngsters, it might be difficult to express their feeling about being kept indoors. Using art materials as a creative outlet can be a great way to communicate, or just release what they’re feeling during this difficult time.

Set the task of keeping a visual journal using all kinds of craft materials they can find from paints, colours and glitter to things like fabrics, garden materials and old scraps to create a daily journal documentation of how they’ve been feeling.

indoor crafts for scouts

Encourage your Scouts to get crafty and keep a visual journal to document time spent at home during the Coronavirus pandemic, and share once meetings resume if they’d like to.

Switch off challenge

A good way to avoid spending too much time scrolling through social media and ending up in a black hole of Coronavirus-related news, take a look at the switch off challenge.

Youngsters might be tempted to spend even more time on devices now that they’re spending their days indoors but this challenge can help persuade them otherwise.

Use the sheet, or create your own clock split into 12 hours or 24 half hours. The idea is to maintain a balance throughout the day, for every waking hour spent online, you should spend as much time (or more) offline and come up with some fun activities to fill those offline hours and use the reflective prompts.

Practice their knots

Possibly the easiest Scouting activity to do from home if you have some rope, a pencil or stick, and paper. Knot tying is synonymous with Scouting around the world, but add some fun to it by creating a piece that can decorate and brighten your Scouts’ homes during this time.

Take a look at the Scouts’ ideas for knot-related activities to complete at home here.

knot typing for scouts

Practise knots with any rope scraps laying around at home.

Explore their garden

Technically not an indoor activity, but it’s one that allows your members to get some fresh air without leaving their home.

There’s a whole world right within your garden, and can keep all ages entertained for hours. Youngsters can explore the creatures living there, do some digging (possibly literally – or not?), and find plenty of resources for even more indoor activities such as crafts and building things.

Completing a wildlife diary in their garden counts towards Cubs Animal Carer Activity Badge and Cubs Naturalist Activity Badge.

For more ideas on Scouting at home, take a look at The Scouts’ resources here.

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