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How to return to face-to-face Scouting next term

Youth activities have now been given the go ahead to begin again with restrictions in place. Plan a successful return to Scouting with our helpful tips…

23rd July 2020

Now that youth activities have now been given the green light (or amber status – in this case) to start up again, many are planning their return to face-to-face Scouting. But where do you begin? That’s the question on lots of Leaders’ minds as our ‘new normal’ appears to be ever changing given the current guidelines.

However, it’s always essential to plan ahead so make sure you follow the Getting Back Together Safely guidelines and ensure all relevant risk assessments have been completed.

Take a look at our tips on how you can spend the Summer on your plan to return to face-to-face Scouting…

Continue to engage members and parents

Although the summer holidays are approaching, where many Groups disband for the next six weeks, it might be worth considering if meeting virtually will still be beneficial?

For some, it’s a good way to check in and maintain some normalcy, especially with schools completely breaking up, Scout meetings might be the only chance for some young people to socialise.

Another benefit to checking in, even if not weekly, will be to continue to engage your members and leaders throughout the summer, improving their chances of returning to face-to-face meetings afterwards.

Confirm returning numbers

Many young people will be bursting with excitement to return to face-to-face Scouting, or some may have preferred taking part from home. Virtual Scouting may have changed priorities for some parents or members, so it will be important to confirm the number of those returning after the summer holidays.

With early confirmation of returning numbers, you’ll be able to plan ahead and assign ‘bubbles’ to meet the new face-to-face Scouting regulations.

One thing which is worth keeping in mind, for those moving Sections – will you put them in Groups with members they know or spread them out to meet new faces?

Have a backup plan

As the past few months have shown, we really can’t predict anything that’s going to happen. Be it local lockdowns in your area, a potential second wave, or any other unexpected occurrences. It is therefore best to have a Plan B.

If virtual Scouting has been successful for your Group, then you have probably learnt a few lessons that will help guide you if you need to continue or dip back in to online meetings in the future. There may even be some things you’ve picked up from virtual Scouting that you want to incorporate into your face-to-face meetings!

Having a back up plan will help your meetings run smoothly in case you need to change arrangements at the drop of a hat.

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