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How to streamline your website for your users

Follow our top tips on how to streamline your Scout or Girlguiding website to make it easy for your audience to use and navigate.

18th February 2020
Building a scout group website can be a daunting process, especially when it comes to collating your content and figuring out what pages and features you need and want to have across the site.

It’s always beneficial to find the right balance between too much and too little. You don’t want to overload your users with information, but you also want them to find exactly what they’re looking for on your website. That’s why all of our websites are customisable to each Girlguiding and Scout Group, District, County and Region.

Take a look at Scout Website’s top tips on how to streamline your website during the building process and after your site has launched:

Write your sitemap down

Although we provide all of our clients with a framework of pages, they are all fully customisable to each Group, District, County or Region’s needs.

One useful trick that many of our clients come to us with is a list of their required pages already written down including their subpages. This helps to see what pages we have thought of in common, and helps to see what the site will look like straight away and what content is needed, where.

Organise your content as a user

Another great way to build your site is to think of yourself as being the user.

What pages would you like to see and what would you want to find out from your website? Think about how the menu layout and use of links will affect your user experience.

You don’t want too many pages that it’s hard to decide what to look at and you also don’t want to constantly be directing people away from content they are reading by putting too many links in your text unless it is definitely useful.

Take advantage of our extra functionality

Our websites are designed to make your life as a Scout volunteer or member that much easier.

We have various features that can be added for this, such as; OSM and Google Calendar integration, Nights Away Notification, Booking, and Joining forms, Group Finder and much more.

With OSM integration and adjustable forms, much more of your content is collated in one area meaning user experience is massively improved and easily accessible for you as a leader or volunteer.

Update your website often

Keeping your content in order doesn’t just end once the process of building your site is complete.

You have full control of the website once it is launched and all of the content that gets uploaded. Although features such as the events and training pages update automatically to hide any posts that have already happened, some of your manual page content may become outdated so it’s important to keep on top of it.

As well as ensuring any content is fully up to date, try deleting any pages with just a sentence or two, or think of ways that you can combine this content with another page to avoid unnecessary website clutter.

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