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How to use your Scouts website during lockdown

With Scouting meetings across the UK suspended due to Coronavirus, now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of your website.

23rd March 2020
Following recent advice from the Prime Minister regarding Covid-19, The Scout Association has decided to suspend all face-to-face Scouting meetings, activities and events to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

The suspension applies to all young people and adults until further notice. You can read more about The Scouts’ decision and keep up to date with their latest developments here. But, what does this mean for Scouts across the UK?

Having a website is an invaluable tool in keeping your members and community up to date in unprecedented times like these. There are a variety of ways in which your website can massively help you out during a period of social distancing, and keep the movement going.

Display essential updates and notices

This one is a given, especially when people consume information in different ways. Heading to your website for any latest updates might be your members’ first choice.

Keep your members up to date by posting your latest announcements as a news article, update your homepage with a short notice, or reassure your users with a letter from your GSL, District or County Commissioner.

Your news area might be the first place your users head to for the latest updates.

Allow your members to easily download resources

Many Scout Groups, District and Counties are trying to keep their members and leaders entertained throughout this period of uncertainty. Instead of cancelling meetings altogether, some are continuing to provide online access to Scouts indoor activities suggestions for their members to keep them entertained and to help them work towards badges from home.

Using your Members Area/Leaders Resources, you can showcase downloadable resources for your Scouts to complete. You could also embed YouTube videos in area that’s password protected so only your Scouts can access this.

Top tip: You can use your YouTube channel and other social media to livestream interactive content to your members at your usual meeting times, they will then also be able to access this after the stream finishes.

Use the downtime from Scouts to update your website

Admin tasks like keeping your website up to date can often take a backseat when meetings need to be planned. With downtime inevitable for some Scout leaders across the country, now is the perfect opportunity for your team members to work on your digital presence for when meetings resume.

With the Skills for Life rebrand deadline fast approaching, giving your website a facelift and getting it completely up to date is a great way to spend your time.

Take a look at some other Groups, Districts, Counties and Activity Centres who have recently launched websites in the new branding here.

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