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The Scouts extend rebrand deadline until 2021

With the original rebrand deadline meant to be happening today, take a look at what it has meant so far for Scouting within the UK.

15th May 2020
This time last year, we wrote about the Scouts rebrand as the first year came to a close. Now, another year on, our revamped offering is continuing to help change the way Scout Groups, Districts, Counties and Activity Centres up and down the country communicate with their members.

Two years on from the original Skills for Life rebrand in May 2018, those who have chosen Scout Websites to improve their digital presence, are really benefiting from the online changes and with their organisations evolving thanks to useful online tools.

Although The Scouts have extended the deadline by another year, now is a great time to reflect on the past two years, transitioning to the new branding.

The main goals

The nationwide Skills for Life strategy is a five-year plan to “to continue growing, enable Scouting to be more inclusive, be shaped by young people and to make a bigger impact within communities”.

However, many Scout Groups, Districts, Counties and Activity Centres have their own smaller, individual goals which in turn contribute to the main national strategy outlined above. For many, improving communication, boosting recruitment of both members and volunteers, and creating or expanding their digital presence, were the main three aims.

Cheshire Scouts is one of the largest Scout Counties in the UK

Cheshire Scouts is one of the largest Scout Counties in the UK, who came to us for a stunning website in the Skills for Life branding to engage their Scouts and Leaders

To help reach these goals, The Scouts released a set of guidelines in 2018. They included a new logo, colour palette, font and overall messaging for use across any materials, which would modernise the brand identity.

Our rebranded websites were designed and built entirely with these guidelines in mind. They provide a collective identity whilst still retaining individuality for each level of Scouting through their unique content.

How it has benefitted The Scouts

With one of the main aims to bring Scouting into the 21st century, with a bigger focus on inclusivity, youth-shaped ideas, and a modernised approach, the messaging online has already proven successful, especially across social media.

Now more than ever, Scouting is almost entirely youth-focused and constantly adapting to the modern world around us with Leaders across the country turning to virtual tools to enable them to continue engaging their Scouts and members from home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Just recently, The Scouts launched a brand new version of their own website. Initially launched on a beta platform, it has allowed them to develop useful content over the past 12 months. This has proven to be an invaluable resource for Scouters across the country with plenty of ideas and support to continue Scouting from home.

The results of the rebrand

The full results of the rebrand will not be evident until next years rebrand deadline. However, results so far have been promising with many across the country adopting the new branding. Take a look at our blog from last year, detailing year one’s success.

“In 2018, Scouts undertook its biggest brand overhaul in 20 years. We transformed our visual identity, making it digital-first, with a vibrant colour scheme, accessible font and a more engaging tone of voice. Most importantly, we focused on our key benefit: helping young people develop skills for life.

Since the launch in May 2018 we've been supporting our network of 7,000 Scout Groups, as well as Districts, Counties and Nations with the transition to the new brand. As part of this, Scout Websites have offered a high quality branded website solution that Scouts locally can pick up and use - it's on-brand, affordable and easy to work with. Our members have told us they welcome the friendly service, simple, clean design and flexibility of the functionality available.

- Chris James, Brand Manager at The Scouts
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