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Tom gets promoted to Engage Team Leader!

After three successful years as a crucial part of the business, we’re pleased to announce that Tom gets promoted to Engage Team Leader!

02nd August 2019
Everyone who has ever dealt with Scout Websites from past to present, will know team member Tom. Having joined the company at the very beginning, Tom has contributed to Scout Websites over the past three years, evolving it into the industry leading business it is today.

From starting as Junior Project Coordinator, progressing to Project Coordinator and then taking the role of Department Manager of Scout Websites, we’re really excited to announce that Tom has been promoted to Engage Team Leader.

This means that as well as continuing his heavy involvement in Scout Websites, he will also be crucial to the development of the Engage section of our parent company Kolodo. Engage is the umbrella department of Scout Websites along with upcoming projects working with other organisations that rely on membership and engagement.

Although Tom has already led the Scout Websites team, he’ll be taking on more responsibility and heading up the Engage team as it expands.

His focus on sales, development and client work will continue but he’ll also have a more hands-on involvement in overseeing the marketing and overall strategy whilst working alongside organisations that the Engage team acquire.

Tom said: “I am really excited to have been given this opportunity to run my own team within Kolodo. Having worked here for a number of years I am keen to develop the strategy we already offer and accelerate this into the future. It will be great to work with other organisations in the same way at some stage too.”

We’re thrilled to continue being a part of Tom’s personal and professional development whilst he leads the rest of the Engage team into further success.