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Why you should opt for a full website build instead of using a template

Using a pre-made theme might seem tempting to cut down on costs and time when building your website. We explain why a full build is better.

17th February 2020
Nowadays, creating your own website can be a really simple process. With the use of pre-built themes that you can install on platforms such as Blogger or WordPress, you can quickly and easily create your own online space for your Scouting organisation. But, this doesn’t mean that your scout group website will look good, or work well.

From keeping costs down, to minimising effort and time, there are a number of reasons why Scout Volunteers would choose to install a theme to help build their website. However, the pros of opting for a full website build instead can certainly outweigh those of using a theme.

Why should you opt for a full website build instead of using a theme for your website?

  • Expertly built – You will have a whole team of digital experts working on your website to ensure that the design and development is of a high standard. Our product is designed responsively so that it looks great across all devices. With a theme, this can often be overlooked and can result in a website that isn’t very user friendly with broken elements – this is not what you want as a Volunteer on the go!
  • Ongoing support – Throughout the build process, you’ll have constant contact with the team who can offer you guidance on content, and who will deal with the technical bits for you. This is especially helpful if you are a complete novice when it comes to technology – and it doesn’t stop there. With a full website build, you’ll also get ongoing support with any issues that you come across whether it’s 24 hours, or 2 years down the line.
  • Advanced functionality – With a full website build, you’ll have access to more advanced and sophisticated functionality that has been built by a specialist team, and designed specifically to solve everyday Scouting problems. Much of our functionality can be built bespoke to your requirements, which isn’t often possible with a theme. You can boost recruitment and improve communication with the use of our bespoke forms, integrate with external platforms such as OSM, Google Calendar and others to keep track of your programme, events and waiting list, and much more. You’ll also have instant access to any new functionality with all essential updates being rolled out by our team here.
  • Added security – As Volunteers of an organisation that has a duty to protect children, parents, and members, there is added responsibility to make sure that your website is secure and GDPR compliant (link to GDPR blog). Our team have built the product with cyber security and data protection as an absolute priority. With a full website build, you’ll know exactly how your users data, and your own, is stored, allowing for full transparency.
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