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3 alternative ideas for when your Scout Camp has been cancelled

Most upcoming Scout camps have unfortunately been cancelled due to Covid-19 but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Take a look at some alternatives!

01st April 2020
During these uncertain times, most, if not all, Scouting camps have been cancelled, postponed, or rearranged until later in the year.

Scouts across the country are bound to be devastated by these cancellations, but it doesn’t mean that you have to cancel all of the Scouting ideas you originally had planned. Use the time you would have had to create a fun itinerary of activities for your members and leaders to feel like they are at camp from their very own homes.

Take virtual tours of museums and famous sights

Most museums, art galleries and other famous landmarks around the world have completely shut down due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis. However they’re still able to keep us entertained from the comfort of our sofas.

The Google Arts & Culture app and website uses virtual reality technology to take you on tours of art exhibitions and walkthroughs of iconic museums. You can even explore those further afield from your phone, tablet or computer.

It’s worth checking if your local museums or places of interest which were on your camp activities itinerary are hosting a virtual tour too!

The British Museum virtual tour

Explore The British Museum and its exhibitions from the comfort of your living room!

Join a virtual camp

As most Groups have been holding their weekly meetings online through video conferencing apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts etc, there’s no reason that your planned camp should have to suffer too.

You could still use the dates you had scheduled to create a bumper weekend of activities through the apps, and keep your youngsters entertained during the weekends or scheduled half terms, with some adaptations.

Northumberland Scouts are hosting a month long virtual camp called Camp at Home. The virtual gathering starts today, and carries on until the end of April. The camp has just a few rules such as; building a den, sleeping in it, and taking part in Scouting activities, amongst others, to give youngsters an authentic experience!

Complete as many badge challenges as possible

Keep your Scouts busy by challenging them to complete as many badge requirements as they possibly can. There are plenty that can be completed indoors, and some which might have been worked towards on camp anyway!

Take a look at some more indoor activity suggestions to pass the time.

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