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How to have fun outdoors this autumn with your Scouts

Don’t let the damp weather dampen your new-term spirits! Make the most of getting outside this autumn with our fun outdoor activity ideas.

24th September 2019
Yesterday officially marked the start of autumn, when the dark nights draw in and the days get shorter.

Often, this means that we’re more likely to stay indoors however, there are still plenty of fun outdoor activities your Scouts can take part in this autumn.

Take a look at some of our favourite outdoor autumn activities to help you stay active and make the most of the outdoors:

Host an autumnal scavenger hunt

Get wrapped up and head out on a fun walk to your nearest park or forest on an autumnal scavenger hunt. Organise your Group into teams with them collecting items that symbolise the start of autumn such as leaves, conkers and twigs etc.

You can then also plan activities that involve using the materials found, such as leaf printing, playing with conkers (which could also involve learning how to tie various knots), and bushcraft skills using the twigs and logs.

Build a birdhouse

The closer to Winter we get, the more birds, insects and other animals will be looking for somewhere warm and comfortable to go into hibernation. Make sure that they have somewhere sheltered and warm to return to when the weather is bad, by using natural materials you’ve found in your local green spaces (or the scavenger hunt you’ve just taken part in) to make shelters for them.

If you’re feeling extra creative, you could have a go at building one out of wood and decorate them.

Build birdhouses out of wood or any other natural materials you can find to give small animals a home before summer arrives.

Build birdhouses out of wood or any other natural materials you can find to give small animals a home before winter arrives.

Hold a campfire and singalong

Is there a more excited Scout or Guide than when there’s food involved in the activities? We think not! Nothing beats campfire treats and a good singalong, so get that campfire lit. Allow your Scouts and Guides to practise their firelighting skills as part of some badge-work whilst also working towards a tasty toasted marshmallow.

You can find some great resources on the internet for campfire music inspiration but why not ask your young people what their favourite ones are?

Go stargazing

Are your Scouts interested in working towards their astronomy or space badges? Find a quiet space in your local area with minimal light pollution where you’ll be able to see the night sky clearly.

See how many constellations, stars and planets your youngsters can find and name! If you live in a built-up area where it doesn’t get dark enough, take a trip to your local planetarium to discover more about the solar system.

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