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Why having a website benefits your Adult Volunteers

Find out why having a website for your Scout Group, District, County or Activity Centre massively benefits your Adult Volunteers.

10th December 2019
Although Volunteers in Scouting usually approach us to make their website with the aim of solving everyday problems that leaders face, the website can often end up being member-orientated.

Much of our functionality has actually been developed to make the lives of Adult Volunteers who run Scout Groups, District, Counties and Campsites, easier.

Take a look at some ways that you and your team can make the most of your website:

Simplify the enquiry process

Without a website, the processes of potential members enquiring to join or existing members wanting to get in touch can be long-winded. As part of simplifying this process to improve user experience, our forms allow for easy submissions and data capture.

The form entries can then be emailed to as many necessary team members or departments as needed. This depends on which recipient the user selects when filling out the form, or who is included in the admin of the forms.

Although Join and Contact forms come as part of the standard content on each website, we can adapt these to fit the needs of the Group, District or County. Your websites also allow the creation of bespoke forms such as hall booking enquiry, equipment hire and feedback forms, and more.

Having a website can reduce the overall admin time required, which means you can spend more quality time with your Group members and focus on the fun side of Scouting!

Improve communication

Besides simplifying the communication processes above, there are other features integrated within the website to improve communication. Dedicated spaces such as upcoming events, galleries and latest news can instantly improve communication.

Users are kept up to date at all times by easily accessing the website from their desktop, phone, or tablet.

During the build process, we work together with your team to establish a framework of pages you’d like to display on your new website. You can then easily edit, add to, or remove pages as you please once the website has launched – just one of the many reasons WordPress is a great platform. A great way to keep on top of a large website is to delegate a few pages each to various members of your team for editing or changing the content.

Keep sensitive information secure

Something that not everyone realises is that any page across the websites built by us can be password protected. This can be incredibly useful when storing documents and links that are only required by leaders, parents or your executive committee.

If you have documents that only a certain level of your volunteers should be able to access, you can separate them into different areas, using different passwords. This means that your volunteers can have exclusive access to the areas they have the passwords for.

There is also the possibility of using an add-on feature for all of your members to be able to log in through an individual members login which allows them to have their own unique password. This once again enables an even higher level of security.

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