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3 quick and easy ways to be on brand

Find out how you can make some quick and easy changes to your Scouts branding to meet the Skills for Life deadline with our tips.

07th August 2020
As we all know, the Skills for Life branding deadline was extended earlier this year due to various factors including the Coronavirus pandemic.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should leave updating your branding until the last minute to meet the new deadline in 2021. You can use the summer holidays and lead up to the new term to refresh your Group, District or County’s identity.

We’ve compiled some easy ways that you can adapt your branding to help you get started:

Set aside some time to update everything

Getting your team together (virtually, or socially distanced) and delegating each volunteer with something different to update will help you get the job done quickly. You will have logos across all kinds of things such as your HQ sign, merchandise, letters and marketing materials, and even your minibus – so make sure you don’t miss anything!

Updating all of these logos and colours will help your Group, District or County to look modern, organised and be easily identifiable in your local area as conforming with the latest Scouts approved branding.

The change doesn’t affect any uniform but will include Scouts merchandise, printed materials and signage

There are plenty of resources online to help you update everything in one go such as The Scout Brand Centre…

Utilise Scouts Brand Centre

The Scout Brand Centre is an online hub where all Groups, Districts and Counties can access various digital and print resources. Volunteers can access downloads such as imagery, signage, brand guidelines and generate logos in the most recent branding.

This helps Scouts across the country meet the Skills for Life vision to have a single, consistent identity that’s modern and appealing to all young people, helping to spread the message.

Look at our previous articles for inspiration

Moving to the Skills for Life branding is not just about updating your visual identity, it’s also updating your messaging, through the text information online or offline.

We’ve written a few articles previously on how you can use your website to be up to date with the most current Scouts branding, and improve your online presence.

Find out more about Scout Group websites here