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5 things you didn’t know you could do with Scout Websites

Take your Girlguiding or Scout website to the next level with our guide of features you might not have known that you could add to your site.

15th July 2019
We don’t hold back when it comes to building Girlguiding and Scout Websites, we want your Section, Group, Division, District, County or Region website to be of the best possible quality.

We tell you everything that you might need to know when we get you set up but sometimes you’ll pick up tips and tricks as you go along and your priorities might change throughout the process.

Here are some of our favourite things that you can do with our websites that you might not have considered yet…

Take bookings for adult training events in your local area

A popular feature with District and County sites, you can take online bookings from your adult volunteers for training events in your local area.

You can also display any extra information required for your members to know before, during or after booking as well as displaying the location on an interactive map.

A handy feature of this functionality is being able to limit the number of available places which both you and your members can see and decide whether to book or not.

Allow people to get to know your team

This feature looks great and comes in handy for when people want to know a bit more about their Group, District, County or Region team. The team drop-down allows you to add as much about each team member as you like such as; name, photo, short biography, Scouts or Girlguiding roles and contact details or as little as you like.

Our Team

Allow people to find out more about the team that runs your Scout Groups, District, Counties or Campsites.

Access your site from your phone home screen

A nifty feature on iPhone is that you can add any website to your home screen.

This means that you can access your Scout Group, District or County’s website with the touch of a button that opens instantly to the mobile version of your site.

When viewing the site on your mobile browser click “add to home screen” and it’ll appear alongside your apps.

All of our sites are completely responsive so even though you’re looking at it on a smaller screen, it’ll look just as good.

Sell your Scout products directly through your website

With our improved eCommerce Shop feature, you can easily sell items such as uniform, badges, equipment, tools and many other things to your volunteers, parents and Scouts.

Our system allows your members to pay through a variety of methods such as PayPal, Stripe and Worldpay making the process as simple and secure as possible.

Here’s an example of what your website could look like with an integrated eCommerce shop.

Create bespoke forms

Although all of our sites come with pre-built templates for the contact, join and nights away notification forms, you can customise these as well as create your own to fit the needs of your Group, District, County or Region.

Some examples include minibus booking form, hall booking form, equipment rental form, and feedback forms – just to name a few!

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