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Why using an agency to build your Scout website can be a better investment

Take a look at why you can ensure the build of your Scout website is reliable, cost-effective and of a high standard by using a digital agency.

22nd January 2020
Have you been thinking about building a website for your Scout Group, District or County? Using a volunteer or somebody you know personally to build your website can often seem like an easy and more cost-friendly solution. However, this is not always the case.

There are a number of reasons why using somebody you know instead of a third party to build your website, can be a bad idea. From relationship breakdowns, and underestimating the workload, to general time constraints, having a company to fall back on can be much more beneficial.

Here, we explain why you should work with a digital agency, or a team of Scout Group website experts:

Ensure reliability and security from a qualified team

As mentioned above, a number of things can cause problems for your organisation when you get an individual who’s a volunteer or somebody you know to build the website, even if they are a complete expert.

Building a website needs to be a collaborative effort. Having a full team of experts working on a project at any one time can massively minimise the time needed to launch a new or upgraded project, in turn, reducing the unnecessary stress that could cause arguments within the team. This can often happen when the pressure is placed mostly on one person to oversee and build an entire project.

A digital agency will cover the technical and design stuff that a novice might not even know. Things like cyber-security, GDPR compliance, and development changes will be covered, so you and your team can work together on the content.

Make contributing to your website a fun project for your members to participate in whilst we build your website.

Make contributing to your website a fun project for your members to participate in whilst we build it for you, resulting in a beautifully on brand website.

You won’t need to make extra time for building the website

With full disclosure on how long things take and the provision of a realistic timescale from the project get-go, you’ll always know how far along in the project you are. This will help you know where you can expect things to be up to, factoring in any unforeseen issues that can come up when building a website from scratch.

As long as deadlines are met from both our side and yours (for providing content), there’ll be no delays so you can ensure that the website will be launched for when you need it to be.

Take a look at our blog to find out how you can speed up your website build process here.

Benefit from project advice and ongoing support

Did you know? Scout Websites is a branch of parent company Kolodo, a digital agency with a team of 14 developers, designers and project managers. This means that you always have access to technical support, product development and content advice – from project kick-off to launch, and beyond.

A huge bonus of working with a team of digital experts is that we usually know what a problem is before you’ve even finished your sentence. And because building websites is our sole purpose, we don’t have any Scouting distractions that might put your website on the backbench, making you our number one priority.

If anything goes wrong, not that it should – but things happen sometimes, we can resolve any issues without you having to get in touch with a hard-to-reach system support team. There’s also a dedicated support area with FAQs and a User Guide which you can refer to as you learn more about your website, or if you just need to refresh your knowledge.

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